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Kids Computers on Wheels®, unlike any other computer training facility provides a unique and feasible facility for schools to gain access to computer aided training and computer based education.

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Kids Computers on Wheels® operates in mobile computer vehicles and provide service to pre-primary, primary schools, private schools, day care centers, after school care centers.Children must get access to computers at a cost they can afford and in such a way that they are not socially, economically, or politically isolated and Kids Computers on Wheels’® goal is to provide the schools with a workable solution.

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The computer classes are once a week at a specific location and time in a mobile computer vehicle.
Kids Computers on Wheels® is in operation since 1999 and the concept of bringing computers, teachers and software to a school is a proven solution.
Kids Computers on Wheels® follows a specific curriculum for each age group / grade and learners get individual attention – six learners per teacher.
A wide variety of software is used: learners do not get bored and must learn something new or master a new skill with each visit.
Kids Computers on Wheels® does not offer the same computer classes as in primary schools and the service is of high quality and affordable.


There is one computer for each learner. All classes are thirty minutes per session and children are not sharing computers. Teachers make sure children are productive for the full duration of the lesson.

Computer literacy lessons for school children include word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, presentations and the operating system.
Kids Computers on Wheels® makes use of skill based software which includes Computer Typing, Mathematics and English that support the school curriculum.
Pre-school learners from 4 years and up do school readiness, early computer skills, English vocabulary and listening skills as well as early mathematical concepts which include a lot of perception.vreyc (800x600)
Learners receive two progress reports per year and we give quarterly reports on all computer activities participated in.
Specialized software is used for each age group / grade. Teachers or the software adjust the difficulty levels of software accordingly.
Learners receive certificates at end of year and we issue monthly accounts.