Terms and Conditions: Agreement between Kids Computers on Wheels® and the person responsible for the account :

1. Florauna Kleuterkampus (Gr R ), Adorable Bekkies (Gr R), and Pinocchio are not using this price structure. Please inquire at the school for rates.

2. The subscription fee is R 2 200 for the full year: 11 payments @ R 200 per month – January to November. No registration fees.

3. If the child does not participate from the beginning of the year, the first payment differs from the R 200 monthly subscription fees, depending on the day that the child starts classes. (See the Registration form and fees on the child’s school page ). https://kidscomputersonwheels.co.za/schools/

4. Monthly payments are payable on or before the first lesson of each month. Payments can be done via the Internet, cell phone banking, bank transfers, ATM deposits, at the school in the deposit safe (depending on the arrangements of the particular school), or at the mobile computer truck.

5. The computer classes of Kids Computers on Wheels® are closed during school holidays and public holidays.

6. Please make payments to Kids Computers on Wheels® separate from school fees.

7. Kids Computers on Wheels® reserves the right to deny children from classes if monthly fees are not promptly paid.

8. This agreement can only be terminated thirty days in advance by written or SMS notice. If lessons are terminated without proper notice, then fees for the last month are still payable by the person responsible for the account – even if the child did not attend classes during that month.

9. Kids Computers on Wheels® offers computer lessons once a week during school terms on the premises of the school or on any other predetermined premises. The duration of one lesson is thirty minutes at a time.

10. If Kids Computers on Wheels® can not offer a lesson due to a reason or reasons under their own control, the lesson will be repeated at a suitable time.

11. It is the parent/child’s own responsibility to ensure that the child attends classes promptly. Kids Computers on Wheels® do not take responsibility if the child cannot be located on the school’s premises for computer classes.

12. The account is still payable by the person responsible for the account or parent and no refund will be made if the child missed a lesson or lessons due to whatever reason – school trips, sports, examinations, sickness, political unrest, and holiday trips during school terms. The parent can arrange catch-up classes if necessary, but it depends on the availability of seats and the schedule of the computer truck.

13. All legal costs are payable by the person responsible for the account when legal steps are taken to collect fees on overdue accounts.

14. For accounts more than thirty days outstanding, the current interest rate can be charged and Kids Computers on Wheels® is under no obligation to continue lessons unless the account is fully settled. Kids Computers on Wheels® is under no obligation to repeat missed lessons for the child if lessons are stopped due to an overdue account.

15. The child participates at his/her own risk although our staff takes all possible precautions to ensure the safety of the child.

16. Please do not do cash deposits in the Bank due to very high bank costs. If Kids Computers on Wheels® receives such a deposit we are charging the bank costs to the customer’s account.

FNB: Deposits Cash Deposit at FNB Branch R60 + R1.90 per R100

ABSA: Minimum Cash Deposit Fee At ABSA Branch: R35

17. Kids Computers on Wheels® will not publish photos of the learner on social media if requested by the parent/guardian.

18. Kids Computers on Wheels® issues two progress reports per year: during  April / May and September / October.

19. Kids Computers on Wheels® will not disclose personal information to any third party and also employ the necessary security to safeguard personal information.